Indian & global ambient

Back to India is a remarkable fusion of Indian melody and European harmony, where the original sounds are woven equally into a colorful sound pattern. Joining traditional and folk music with classical tabla grooves, carried by memorable, original guitar riffs and enlightened with the sound of the sitar, banjo and Indian bamboo flute, „Back to India“ easily unites modern and traditional sounds in a global musical context.

Depending on the individual concert setting, „Back to India“ can perform with between three and five musicians. For small occasions or background settings, David Beck (guitar) and Chandra Bahadur Sunar (sitar) will play as a duo or as trio with Babua Pahari (tabla, flute). In whatever instrumentation they create a musical bridge from relaxing classical beauty to memorable modern folk.

Since 2008 „Back to India“ has been creating and constantly developing their sound and presenting on stage (Carnival of cultures, Indian embassy, „Markt der Kontinente“ in the ethnological museum or the Indian Embassy in Berlin).

Musicians biographies

David Beck is a skilled guitarist in European Music. His rhythmic talent and his fascination for various musical traditions and cultures carried him towards Indian and Arabian Music. Today he masters a broad variety of string and percussion instruments, such as Oud, Gembre, Darabuka. His striking influence on bands like Peshkar, Gnawa Impulse and Nomad Soundsystem made him one of the glowing figures in Berlin`s oriental fusion scene.

Chandra Bahadur Sunar was born and raised in Nepal and is deeply influenced by Nepali and Indian pop music as well as classical and folk music. When he moved to Germany at the age of twelve, he learned to play classical European guitar and percussion. Soon he met the renowned sitar master Subroto Roy Chowdhury, who initiated him in the art of classical indian sitar. Chandra Bahadur Sunar lives and works as musician and music teacher in Berlin.

Babua Pahari was born in Calcutta into a family with a strong musical heritage. His father was a respected tabla guru and taught his son the art of classical Indian percussion. At the age of fifteen Babua Pahari widened his knowledge and learned to play Bansuri, the Indian bamboo flute. His emphasis was on Indian raga and traditional Bengali songs. He gave numerous performances in Calcutta and, since 2004, also in Germany.

choice of references

  • Ancient -Trance- Festival (Taucha)
  • Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin)
  • Karneval der Kulturen (Berlin) 2009, 2010 und 2013
  • Kulturhalle (Völklingen)
  • Liquid-Sound-Festival (Bad Orb)
  • Markt der Kontinente (Berlin)
  • Myfest (Berlin-Heinrichplatz)
  • Perleberg Festival (Perleberg)
  • Tresor (Berlin)
  • Vollmondkonzert in der Toskana Therme (Bad Sulza)
  • Werkstatt der Kulturen (Berlin)
  • World-Music-Festival (Loshausen)
  • Yogafestival (Berlin)